Meifang Sung


Name: Meifeng Sung, Female, Age: 25, Waitress / Inventor

STR 14 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 16 POW 13

DEX 11 APP 11 EDU 12 SAN 65 HP 14

Magic 13 Idea 80% Luck 65% Know 60%

Armor:—Move: 8

Damage Bonus: +1D4

SKILLS Cook 55%, Craft 45%, Drawing 35%, Library Use 75%, Listen 55%, Cantonese 100%, English 70%, Club 65%, Mechanical Repair 71%

EQUIPMENT Locksmith’s Tools, Precision, $45.00 Make-up Kit, $4.98 Umbrella, $1.79 Women’s Toilet Set (15 pieces), $22.95 Writing Tablet, $0.20 Flashlight, Single Cell, $1.35 Tool Outfit (20 tools), $12.90 Hand Drill (plus bits), $5.98 Gasoline Blowtorch, $4.45 Total Equipment Cost: $99.60

Income: $5,500, Cash on Hand: $2,750, Securities: $2,750, Property: $22,000, Assets: $27,500


Meifeng was born in Hangzhou, China to Jian and Mengyao Sung . When she turned ten her family moved to New York City in the hopes of starting a rich life in the Americas. Meifengs father Fang Sung was a well-regarded baker in the city, his small shop always attracted many visitors. They came primarily for the ng√†uhleisou or Ox-Tongue Pastry (due to it’s toungue-like shape). These sweet pastries were a common staple of many business people in the district.

Meifeng arrived with her family in New York City in 1907. At the time there were no school for immigrated chinese children in the area. Instead families would pool their children together for homeschooling. Meifeng was fortunate in this, as this is where she met Yang Won. Yang was her teacher in America and quickly became one of her very dearest friends, like an adopted uncle. Yang Won had been a university professor of physical sciences in Shanghai before the government had seized his home and posessions due to suspicion that he was serving Russian interests. Meifeng learned to speak English from this man during the afternoons when she did not serve in her fathers small bakery. She learned about the world and science and all manners of important things. In 1908 after the New York Public Library had finished the majority of its construction and has opened to the public she entered it for the first time with a sense of sacred reverence. Truly this was a repository of the knowledge of the entire world! From that day on whenever she wasn’t attending a lesson with her fellow students she would come here to read until the doors were closed.

Meifeng was a gifted child, even if her education was somewhat unconventional. When she turned fifteen she began fiddling with what she referred to as her “other work”. Meifeng had become fascinated with the working of all manners of mechanical objects, particularly those that were useful around the house. She managed to create a few useful devices, a hand-operated egg-beater, a crank for the icebox that sealed it better than the manufacturers flimsy latch would and her darkglasses.

The darkglasses she heralded as her highest achievement after reading about how Chinese judges once wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to disguise their expressions in court. Using a pair of old reading glasses and the careful application of a thin layer of paint she was able to make her invention a reality. While cloudy the glasses did a good job of hiding her eyes when she passed through the streets, where she did often-times receive a few odd looks when her eyes wandered about. They did a fair job of keeping the sun from blinding her when she walked to the library during late afternoons as well.

In recent days Meifeng has become engaged to a man she is not particularly interested in, Lang Yun. He visits her home once a week to bring her a small token gift and to speak with her father about his business. With no brothers or sisters Meifeng feels that he is seeking an opportunity to inherit the ownership of his successful bakery in New York. Mengyao is desperate to secure a husband for her only daughter, and is thrilled with Lang Yuns interest.

Meifang Sung

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