Dolores Carter

Divorced former BAR owner


Name: Dolores Carter, Female, Age: 37, Flapper

STR 9 CON 10 SIZ 13 INT 11 POW 13

DEX 13 APP 16 EDU 16 SAN 65 HP 12

Magic 13 Idea 55% Luck 65% Know 80%

Armor:—Move: 8

Damage Bonus: none


Bargain 85%, Fast Talk 80%, Accounting 60%, Handgun 65%, Astronomy 16%, Persuade 75%, Psychology 90%


.32 Revolver 65%, damage 1D8, Range: 15 yds, Malfunction: 00, Attacks: 3, Shots: 6, HP: 10, Hands: 1, $15.00


.32 Special ammo (box of 50), $5.26

Cigarettes (per pack), $0.10

Make-up Kit, $4.98

Buick Series 116 Model 27, $1,320.00

Total Equipment Cost: $1,345.34

Income: $1,927, Cash on Hand: $964, Securities: $964, Property: $7,708, Assets: $9,636




Dolores was born in New York City, and has lived here ever since. She’s only left two times. The first to marry her husband in the state of Maryland where his family lived, and second for the divorce, which was illegal in her state at the time. Dolores was a waitress barely earning a living and he was a creep of an accountant who was a little too familiar with a few of Dolores’ friends.

Dolores worked as a dancer while growing up in a vibrant theatre scene. Things slowed down for a while in the mid to late 1910’s as the US Government began to crack down on various entertainment facilities in an effort to fuel the war effort in Europe. Dolores made a handsome amount of money from her scandalous pursuits and squirreled it away. By the time she turned 29 she had enough to purchase her very own bar and saloon. Located near Manhattan and the extreme western side of Brooklyn. The Dainty Eyes saloon opened to minimal fanfare. The local Catholic community was in something of an uproar in this den of evil being established in their front yard. After receiving numerous threats upon her person and her establishment she did what any sane woman in her position would do: She hired a six and a half-foot tall Irish mug named Smiles O’Hannigan to work as a bouncer and bodyguard.

The bar was a success, and even after prohibition began Dolores had the foresight to convert it into a resteraunt and theatre, maintaining an atmosphere that comforted the regulars and brought in plenty of new faces at a time when many other bars were being closed down. Dolores was a good book-keeper and without investing in anything too fanciful she always managed to keep the Dainty Eyes in the black.

The Dainty Eyes continued to serve customers through 1921 when a block fire crumbled an adjascent apartment building onto a portion of the east side of the building. The insurance sharks were unable to pay for reparations despite her timely payments and a long legal battle ensued. In the end she had no choice but to accept the damage as a loss.

Today the desire to see her bar in operation again is what drives Dolores day to day. At the worst possible time to seek a business loan that is precisely what Dolores is trying to do, and has been doing since the legal battle with her insurance company ended.

Dolores is a loud-mouthed, free-minded woman. She is progressive in her thinking and very aggressive in pursuing her aims. A friend might call her direct, where a stranger would simply remark that she is rude. Dolores doesn’t give a wooden nickle either way as long as she gets what she wants.

Dolores Carter

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