Harold Anthony Dogwood


Name: Harold Dogwood, Male, Age: 30, Circus Worker

STR 15 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 15 POW 14

DEX 11 APP 12 EDU 15 SAN 70 HP 11

Magic 14 Idea 75% Luck 70% Know 75%

Armor:—Move: 8

Damage Bonus: +1D4


Rope 70%, Spot Hidden 61%, Fist/Punch 75%, Hide 70%, Dodge 42%, History 70%, Listen 75%, Natural History 80%, Sneak 80%


Pocket Knife, $1.98

Waterproof Blanket, $1.79

Mattress, Camping, $4.00

Gasoline Lantern, $6.59

7×7 foot Tent, $11.25

Chrysler Model F-58, $1,045.00

Crowbar, $2.25

Rope (50 feet), $8.60

Total Equipment Cost: $1,081.46

Income: $1,500, Cash on Hand: $750, Securities: $750, Property: $6,000, Assets: $7,500


Harold was at one time a successful young history student working on his final thesis to finish his bachelors at Harvard. Everything fell apart in his life in 1914 when he met Maureen Daniels. Maureen was everything he’d ever hoped for in a woman. She was beautiful, intelligent and funny.

He met her at the Danvers Brothers circus outside of Boston. She was an attending trapese artist. He met her after the show was over in the middle of the night as many of the other performers and staff were preparing to take down their tent and pack up their camp. They walked the circus grounds well into the morning until the sun rose. At the mornings end she took her leave and bid him farewell. She couldn’t stay, and he wouldn’t leave his studies.

Maureen Daniels didn’t leave Harolds dreams that night, or any night that year until he graduated. he would occasionally receive postcards from her from all the places her show had been seen. Upon graduating from Harvard, rather than returning home to New York he instead set out to find Maureen. Two short months later he had caught up with the Danvers Brothers circus in Oklahoma. With little money saved and his parents furious at him for throwing his life away in this reckless pursuit of a gypsie girl he resorted to working at the circus as he began to court Maureen.

At first his work was very mundane, cleaning stalls, preparing snack faire, managing a game or concession booth. Eventually his latent talent with rope came to the fore. His father, though distant had always had a certain knack with knots and he adored sharing the complex art with his son. Harold had always been a quick study, and had picked up the skill marvelously at a young age. When he was asked to help set up a small pavillion in a field one day one of the Danvers brothers happened across him and noticed the intricate ropework Harold had conceived in order to complete his task.

Within a few months Harold had a small show of his own, nothing overstated or too flashy though. He’d create a complex variety of knots that he could string loose with a simple pull. He eventually became to be something of a showman, and while his act was excellent his heart wasn’t in it.

While traveling in Texas in the summer of 1918 Harold purchased a diamond engagement ring from a pawn broker and planned to finally propose to Maureen. His plan was to arrive promptly after her act and to propose in the center ring in front of the roaring crowd. She had let slip a few months earier how romantic such a public display would be. The ultimate proof of love, she said.

That night however the camp was in a frenzy. It was their first night in Fort Worth and they were intent on making it a memorable show. Maureen however never arrived for her act, she was missing and nowhere to be found. Maureens act had been the finale, and the crowd departed instead while a pair of jugglers attempted to rouse their spirits.

The next morning police found Maureen Daniels body in a nearby barn on an abandoned farmstead about four miles away from the circus pavillion. The body was covered in pale green bush vipers. The Police were utterely baffled as to how this could have occurred, and in the process of removing the body a pair of policemen were bit as well and nearly died. Bush vipers are African jungle predators, and no licensed reptile shops in the region ever trafficked in them, specifically because of their deadly venom. No culprit was ever found in the case and though the papers tried to run with stories of the “Snake-killer” for several weeks, no additional murders were committed.

In time Harold made peace with the death of whom he believed to be his one true love. He left the circus, though over the past 7 years it had become a family to him. He returned home to New York, to his family and to normality as he tried to piece together the life he had before his mad chase after Maureen Daniels.

Harold Anthony Dogwood

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