Phillip Arnold Mayweather


Name: Phillip Arnold Mayweather, Male, Age: 31, Chemist

STR 14 CON 11 SIZ 15 INT 18 POW 16 DEX 15 APP 16 EDU 16 SAN 80 HP 13

Magic 16 Idea 90% Luck 80% Know 80% Armor:—Move: 8 Damage Bonus: +1D4


Chemistry 75%, Craft – Chemical 80%, Medicine 60%, Pharmacy 80%, Physics 38%, Credit Rating 70%, Spot Hidden 66%, Rifle 60%, First Aid 60%, French 20%


Cigarettes (per pack), $0.10 Gold Pocket Watch, $32.50 Self-filling Fountain Pen, $1.25 Flashlight, Double Cell, $2.25 Pocket Knife, $1.98 Cadillac Series 341-B, $3,695.00 Total Equipment Cost: $3,733.08

Income: $1,500, Cash on Hand: $750, Securities: $750, Property: $6,000, Assets: $7,500


Phillip Arnold Mayweather grew up the heir to a considerable fortune that his grandparents had made before the civil war in their home state of Kentucky. Phillip was raised in a posh New York apartment, born in 1891. Having been afforded every luxury by his parents Benjamin and Ruth, Phillip rises to the top of his class at Yale.

In 1915 mankind is plunged into it’s first truly global conflict, World War I. Phillip was most affected by the news that arrived from Euroasia during the following few years. He had established himself as a respectable associate at the Hines Center Laboratories. He felt compelled to complete his civic duty however, and enlisted that year. For two long years his father blocked all affairs regarding his enlistment, and quite nearly kept him out of the war altogether due to his considerable influence and wealth. This lead to a minor falling out between the two which lasted until after the war ended.

In 1917 Phillip was assigned to infantryman school at Camp Custer which was located in Battle Creek Michigan. Despite some early problems with his weight he performed admirably. With three weeks remaining in his training President Woodrow Wilson gave his Fourteen Points speech, effectively ending the war as the German High Chancellor immediately sought armistice and peace negotiations. With the war essentially ended for the Americans Phillip was briefly assigned to a detachment in Paris before coming home six months later.

After returning home Phillip was listless for a few months before returning to his professional pursuits. He resumed employment at Hines Center Laboratories, not realizing initially that they had been purchased by Henry Ford. New initiatives had been established at Hines Center Laboratories. Their objectives were to find a reasonable chemical substitute for alcohol that could completely clear the bloodstream within 30 minutes. Phillip was assigned to this role for two years and is now the lead on the project. Quarter by quarter the funds for his department have been running dry, and little progress has been made. Phillip created a pill that could help clear the bloodstream faster, but in nine cases out of ten it resulted in painful nausea in the test subject. This was not a desirable product for Ford, so the tests continue.

Phillip is a mild-mannered man. He is kind, fiercely patriotic and bold in a quietly burning sort of fashion. In his work or any intellectual pursuit he has a tendency to listen to opinions first before adding his own.

Phillip Arnold Mayweather

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