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Meeting Mr. Hallbrook

Thursday, May 18th 1922

At last you arrive in New York City. The chaos and noise of the city serves as a soothing reminder that you are home, and away from the unpleasant if idyllic countryside of Connecticut.

Over the next two days you slowly reintegrate yourselves back into your daily lives. On the third day a letter arrives. It is sealed in a plain white envelope with no return address. In a flowing, neat script the following is written

Good day,

It is time for us to meet.

Please arrive promptly at the address listed below at 1PM on Saturday, May 20th.

All will be explained, and tell noone. 121 76th street

8th floor New York City


Mr. Charles Hallbrook

Gamwell Village and the Fitzgerald Manse

Wednesday May 17th, 1922

Investigators arrive in Gamwell, CT. They speak at some length with Mr. Walter Dodge who explains Mr. Arthur Cornthwaite’sdisappearence. He offers a rather extremely generous $400 fee to each investigator for their services in this matter. When investigators questioned him about how they were selected he mentions that Mr. Hallbrook, a business associate of his in New York City had recommended each of them specifically.

Investigators spend the day in Gamwell inquiring about the local shops and businesses in an attempt to discover more about Mr. Arthur Cornthwaite. All information ends up being the same, he is a quiet, rich, recluse. He donated a large portion of his own collection of books to the town library. After an examination lead by Meifang Sung they discover that the books focus on anthropoligical research in South America. Some notations indicate that Arthur may have been searching for a lost tribe. After a dinner at the Boarding House the investigators go to sleep while Harold finds some interesting reading material about a civil war soldier named Johnny who returned home from the war and shot his entire family at a local estate.

In the morning after a brief breakfast the investigators head to the post office to make a few phone calls and the Gamwell Gazette where they encounter the brightly adorned editor of the local newspaper. After a brief discussion they peer through some periodicals and find an article about a grisly murder that took place at the Fitzgerald Manse in 1895 where an entire family was killed and a father was missing.

Realizing that they don’t have the keys they all head back up to Dodge Brothers legal offices and storm in. After a brief conversation he reveals the contact information for Mr. Hallbrookand gives the investigators the keys and directions to the Cornthwaite estate.

A phone call to Mr. Hallbrook yields a result. Meifang speaks a few words first, asking why she was selected, after a moment or two she persists but is rebuked through the receiver. She hands the phone off to Harold Dogwood who asks a question and seems satisfied with the answer.

That morning they head to the estate. The place is a peeling mess of water damage. After searching several rooms it becomes evident that Mr. Cornthwaite was here alone for some time, and is likely not living in the house alone. Phillip makes out the meaning of a clue that Lily and Dolores find in the bathroom on the second floor. It appears that someone had drawn the letter NaCl on the mirror, which Phillip indicates means “Sodium Chloride. Salt.”

Meifang and Dolores find a scrap of old parchment shoved into a hole in the wall of the Library that looks as though it has not been disturbed in many years. It contains the sociopathic rantings of an A.C. whom they later discover is one Arthur Curwen, the estranged husband in the grisly murders they read about at the Gamwell Gazette. They find the corpse of Arthur Curwen trapped in a Monk Hole adjoined to a second story bedroom.

A Mr. Joe Gibbs arrives to give Meifang a start as he lingers on the porch with an axe in hand that he’d found in the bushes. Lily attempts to shoo him away, but the obstinate reporter pushes past her before being pressed out, politely by both Phillip Arnold MayweatherPhillip and Harold. He promises to return in the morning to hear more about the story. After Mr. Gibbs drives away Phillip proceeds to chain up and lock the outer gate to prevent any more unnecessary disruptions.

A brief examination of the attic reveals a busted open trunk and a shiny film covering all of the objects here. Phillip returns here later as the investigators are outside to grab a machete. As he returns back to the balcony he screams at the others to get down, claiming to see a man with a gun in a blue uniform.

Convinced that something sinister is at work, investigators begin considering salt as a weapon as they trapse about the grounds, carefully working through the ornamental garden. After a slimy walk in, the investigators find a shed that was curiously hidden behind a mass of vegetation. After finally pulling the stuck door open Phillip heads within as a gust of wind picks up and slams the door shut again. He arrives back outside with a gash at his chin but seems otherwise undamaged.

Returning to the house the investigators begin collecting salt bins, a shotgun from the den in the second floor and a variety of empty shotgun shells. Phillip discovers a note crumpled on the floor near the fireplace in the den that appears to be the final words of Arthur Cornthwaite. Meifang became frightened inside the Master Bedroom closet as she seems to see the walls move, and the clothes ruffle inside from no wind, a loud creak eminates through the house.

As the investigators decide it is time to consider sleeping at the Boarding house Phillip realizes he has left the keys to the gate in his jacket upstairs in the bedroom where they found Curwens corpse. The investigators decide to travel together, rather than apart. As they return to the stairs they see a horrific sight below them, a churning mass of gelatinous flesh that was boiling up the walls to meet them. Lily, thinking fast screams to run to the balcony and tells Harold to tie a rope, which he does quickly and very securely.

The investigators quickly rappel down the side of the building and run to their vehicles, which start rather suspiciously given the emergency and fly down the road where Phillip unlocks the gate. The investigators flee the estate and regroup in gamwell where they discuss their options, eventually they decide to go to the Sherriff. It is here that Lily displays her previous profession and begins crying and falling into hysterics over the corpse that was found. The Sherriff is a complete wreck and drives to the Cornthwaite estate warning the others not to move.

The investigators go in two directions, the ladies head to the law offices of Walter Dodge to demand salt. A furious Dolores Carter pushes past the meek receptionist and into his office confronting him with a hailstorm of questions and requests that bring the sniveling man to a complete stop. He signs over the salt without hardly a question and stares agape as Meifang waves a gas blow-torch about the room.

Meanwhile Phillip and Harold have purchased all of the salt from a local grocery. They catch up with the others and all go together to the highway dump site where the salt can be picked up. Phillip pushes through some paperwork quickly and gets a driver to bring the truck to the estate.

At the estate Meifang manages to pry open the rusted iron door leading to the wood cellar, that is when the gelatinous monster arrives again, crashing through windows above and spreading up from the opened cellar door. Phillip fires off a few rounds from the shotgun but misses his mark, Dolores attempts to throw salt at the creature but misses as well. Lily runs up from the corner of the house and upends a bag of salt over an ensnared Meifang, the salt seems to cause the liquidous creature to evaporate. Meifang, freed runs to the dump truck and pulls the lever, allowing salt to rush through the lower levels of the mansion.

The investigators regroup and send the hapless construction worker back with the now-empty truck. They find the sherriff upstairs, who seems to have regained some control of himself after being attacked by the creature himself. They search through the cellar and find human and horse remains. Taking this knowledge with them they return to the Boarding house and sleep, the Sherriff promises that the estate will be burned to the ground the following night by out-of-towner hooligans and that the investigators would not be implicated.

The next morning the investigators each receive their $400 reward and return to New York City, leaving the tiny, picturesque town of Gamwell, CT behind them.

An odd letter
An odder business proposition

Friday, May 12th, 1922

A letter arrives from Walter Dodge inviting investigators to his office in Gamwell, CT. The matter involves a missing client of his, one Arthur Cornthwaite. A professional fee is offered for the services of each investigator. The letter mentions a mutual acquaintance who recommended the investigators to Mr. Dodge.

For now, by hook or by crook it is off to Gamwell to sort this matter out.


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